Keystone Engineering Ltd.

Keystone Technical Services (2004) Ltd.

Keystone Business Consultants Ltd.

The Keystone Group was founded in 1994 by a number of experienced Israeli engineers and businessmen who were involved in the developing of industrial and infrastructure projects worldwide. 

In its early days Keystone Business Consultants Ltd. was involved in consulting for BOT Infrastructure projects and other "Privatization" projects taking place in Israel.

In 1996, following the partnering with additional engineers and businessmen, the company "Keystone Engineering Ltd." was founded and the Keystone Group activity was boosted. Keystone Engineering Ltd. specializes in sales promotion of engineering equipment, raw materials and services to a wide range of Israeli industries and state offices. 

The Keystone group positioned itself as one of the leading Israeli consultants and agent companies for the local heavy industries and it is proud to be involved with many Israeli infrastructure projects. Since established, the Keystone group increased its scope of activities and expertise, while adapting to the changing business environment in Israel. Additional lines of activities were added to its portfolio. The Keystone Group puts strong emphasis on the Israeli fast growing Hi Tech and Electro Optical industries. Moreover, the Keystone Group also pays attention to projects' development in other countries such as India, Turkey and South Africa, where it is developing various infrastructure and industrial projects.