Optics & Electronics

Amglo Kemlite Laboratories Inc. - Various lamps and related components, including Xenon flash lamps, Halogens, H.I.D./metal halide and aircraft lamps, according to client specifications.

Light Guide Optics - Manufacturing of medical optical fibers for UV and NIR range with different coatings like acrylate, nylon, tefzel or polyamide. High power transmission cables, fused end fibers, bundles and fiber arrays, tapered fibers and bundles such as; high end solution for UV and IR Spectroscopy and replacing Liquid Light Guides. HPC-Cable - a High Power Transmission Cable, fits micro welding devices and jewelry industry. 

Meopta Optika, s.r.o  - A leading manufacturer of precision optics, specializing in the design, engineering and assembly of complex optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems. Creating innovative and turn-keysolutions for the consumer.

Thermatron Engineering Inc. - Small size Heat Exchangers & cooling systems for the electronic medical and esthetical applications, designed to customers needs.


Heylo-Tubes - Netherlands, is the European distributor of K-R Japan - Metallic flexible tubes and connectors, used for the protection of optical fibers and sensor cables, communication equipment, medical equipment, electrical & telecommunication wire. As well as water and gas conduit, all from stock and per customers requirements.  


OEM TechBelarus – Capacitor charging power supplies, simmer modules and other parts for flash-lamps driving. Diode drivers both for CW and pulsed laser diodes. Pockels cell drivers for different applications, from simple Q-switching to more advanced pulse picking and regenerative amplifier control.



* We also provide mechanical components, machining and complete systems with / without optical components.