Keystone Business Consultants Ltd.

Keystone Business Consultants Limited was founded in the beginning of 1994 by several experienced businessmen with strong engineering background. The company specializes in the field of consulting and project management. It takes special emphasis on BOOT, PEF and other related financial models. Its qualified personnel are involved in such tasks for more than 25 years, in Israel as well as in other countries. Keystone Business Consultants Ltd. was involved in many of the major transportation, Independent Power Producing and developing of natural gas pipeline activities taking place in Israel in recent years.

Keystone Business Consultants Ltd. will typically acts as co-developer and consortium consultant being the local arm of the consortium leadership. The company is well capable of taking care of all the Israeli elements in such projects development mission including locating of local appropriate partners, arranging for local expertise, local finance and handle all local relevant entities and Israeli Government Authorities. In some cases an equity position will be also taken. In other countries then Israel, the company will typically support in amalgamating all partners to the developing groups and necessary input to develop the projects.

Keystone Business Consultants Ltd. provides also consulting services to a variety of industries interested in improving its management qualities. Qualified industrial engineering capabilities in house are available for generating new strategies, work directives and operation manuals for the company's activities. Among Keystone Business Consultants Ltd. customers for this are several pharmaceutical industries in Israel. For this industry the company engineers developed special expertise over many years of service.

To all of its activities Keystone Business Consultants Ltd. brings along its entrepreneurial spirit, management capabilities and vast experience.