Keystone Engineering Ltd.

Keystone Engineering Limited was founded in 1996 by a group of experienced engineers and businessmen joining to the Keystone Business Consulting Ltd. staff. The company's mission is to develop and improve the support given to foreign companies in their business activities & development of projects in the state of Israel. The company's management has over 40 years of accumulated, hands-on, proven experience of business and projects development, in Israel and other countries. Keystone Engineering represents and consults to a numerous of engineering equipment makers in the sale of its products and services to the fast growing Israeli economy. 

Keystone Engineering focuses on serving the Israeli infrastructure projects, Israeli state offices and authorities as well as the Israeli heavy industries. Keystone Engineering introduces process equipment, raw materials supply and engineering services for water desalination, power generating and transmission, railways and other transportation ventures, cement making, steel and non-ferrous metal making and various chemical, petro chemicals, gas and fertilizers industries. In addition, as a result of the fast growing Hi Tech and Electro Optics related industries in Israel, Keystone Engineering focuses also on providing solutions to such industries by supplying equipment packages, components those industries, consist of medical, aesthetic, light transmission, night vision, filtration, protection, etc.


Keystone Engineering staff gained a unique know-how of the said industries and also developed valuable contacts with most leading suppliers worldwide to the extent that Keystone Engineering is a welcome partner for additional international markets as well. As a result, Keystone Engineering was requested to assist in developing business for its partners in other markets. Keystone Engineering assisted in sales of infrastructure projects in countries such as Germany, South Africa, England, India and more.

At the same time, Keystone Engineering also initiated new businesses in Israel as well as in Turkey and India in the fields it is familiar with. E.g. In India, Keystone Engineering teamed up with a reputable Indian group of companies and together established the "Sneh Bio Fuels Ltd.", involved with a venture to supply Bio Diesel made of Jatropha. In Israel, "Keystone Technical Services (2004)" was established in 2004 to meet challenges in the fields of providing technical on-site services and "outsourcing".

Keystone Engineering management constantly seeks additional business opportunities, in Israel but also elsewhere, in its traditional business areas and in areas it can best use its expertise. For this Keystone Engineering is open for M&A, takeover and Joint Ventures together with reputable partners.