Handling & Storing

Kuenz GmbH - material handling, freerider cranes

Altmayer BTD GmbH & Co. KG - bulk material handling, silo systems

Geometrica, Inc. - dome technology, bulk storage covers

Bruks Siwertell  - bulk terminal, bulk unloaders 

Tenova Takraf - bulk material handling, ship unloaders

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG - cement plants technology and equipment, overland conveying 

THALETEC - manufactures a full wide range of glass lined equipment; reactors, tanks, columns & heat exchangers. Thaletec offers high efficient jacketed or half-coil reactors and high efficient glass lined equipment including compact heat exchanger or with SIC pipes for an even smaller construction. THALETEC also offers a complete range of spare parts which are readily available and vital for your processes equipment. All equipment is made in Germany, THALETEC is offering over 100 years’ experience in glass-lined equipment